Empty Pockets

the drips from the plastered shield above echoed loud into buckets like rainthe growls of the children roared to be silenced with crumbs from the grainsthe shallowness of the starving piggy was burning a holethe collection of bills and lack thereof bucks smelled like pennies that stank from the coins they had rolledtheir knees theyContinue reading “Empty Pockets”


Her skin but a carpet for others to stompHer heart but a slinky, a toy or a topHer soul is not seenHer cries go unheardHer feelings are said, but they don’t speak a word.Her skin it now boilsHer heart simply poundsHer soul it is shatteredHer cries are pronounced.Her feelings are hurt as she crumbles insideHerContinue reading “FINDING HERSELF”

Remember That Ride

Driving by in the road with emotions afloatDown the path up ahead Don’t know which way to go. Tucked well past the sign behind unpatched potholesThree horses of shadesThat aligned the meadow. Near enough to be loved, but too far to be touchedNestled one on the otherNeighbored close like a crutch. Their beauty a sceneContinue reading “Remember That Ride”

The Tea In Tears

The spit of life has split us up;We sipped the shit right out that cup. Bottoms up and both let down;Dirt disguised as coffee grounds;Perhaps the tea cannot be stirred;The drink instead creates a word. A letter dropped to form a noun;In liquid form to screw around;The “tea” it eats the “f” in fear;The hollowContinue reading “The Tea In Tears”

Window Pain

Blindly peeking through panesof houses aligned;in search of your losses and founds you might find.They have what is theirs and what’s yours is your own;not so great and not grand,still a place to call home. The meaning you seekis the value within;untucked behind curtains and walls paper thin.The gold in their groutand the rich inContinue reading “Window Pain”

Blooming Pearls

Her beauty captivates the room like the blooms in an ethereal garden. The intricate sway in her stance invites petals and stems to a dance. The pastel shades embrace her cheeks, the pearls and the lace glorify her body and face, as she lightly caresses the floor underneath her delicate feet. Angelic she seems, asContinue reading “Blooming Pearls”

Bring Brightness

butterfly, pause this chaos for me; be the smell of the rose in the weeds. your intricate flight, and its precious delight, flutter the petals in me. butterfly, take every worry away; be the brightness I need every day. your delicate shades, and their loving embrace, fill my heart that lays well-tucked away. butterfly, findContinue reading “Bring Brightness”