The Brink

Barely beating for long; Lengthy year in the blue. Colours crept through the cracks, Shingles clinged to the roof. Nearly gone, but she’s here; The brink close to the edge. She inhales from her lungs; Climbing mountains instead. Every minute ticked by; Now she ticks what she does. Tumbling high over hurdles, Letting go ofContinue reading “The Brink”

Little Legs

Little legs leaping mountain peaks; barefoot through the treacherous burs and the thorns. Sheltering hurt deeply in the core of her stubborn shell; though falsely displaying a stunning assembly of well-striken armour adorned. The tested strength, in her feet, left her beat with defeat; as her best was quite shy to be good. But, mysteriousContinue reading “Little Legs”

Single Bloom

Daintily, depositing lifeless seeds in the stubborn soil. Kneeling, patting the earth with her seasoned hands; As she invokes mother nature to commit. Simple sprout requested; Single vibrant colour; Sole petal to bloom. Daily, watering sprinkles of kindness on the selfless soil. Praying, trusting the world with her reasoned heart; As she conjures the universeContinue reading “Single Bloom”

Winding Road

Eclipsed by the full-grown trees, highlighted by the sunset shades in the sky, stood the start of her past. Layered bricks that formed her character; the creator of the creature that carries the baggage. The swing still shrieks in the shadows, as the weeping willow dances in the neighbouring meadow. Her footsteps creep to theContinue reading “Winding Road”

Knotted Vines

An unreachable dream of glittering streams and whispering fairies. The knotted vines entangled in the density of dark shadows. The shivering cold weakens the warmth of the flowers and freezes their stems to the imperfect ground. The crippling roar of the clawing creatures deafens the laughter of the creeping critters as they scurry beneath stonesContinue reading “Knotted Vines”

Take My Shoe

A fresh heavy towel, drooped over my weightless shoulders, a cotton-like shawl, as my two ever-so-slim legs merrily skipped the sidewalk cracks that were roasting beneath the sun. The diluted chlorine, detectable from a far distance away, was our glowing road sign to heaven; to a location we could splash and rejoice about the simplicitiesContinue reading “Take My Shoe”

Calm the F Down

Everybody visibly appears so immensely occupied; constantly places to go, but no people to see. Like hummingbirds, chasing sweet nectar before the cold starts settling in, they frantically fly past one another; unable to pause for more than a split second. I watched their display, in silence today, as depressive thoughts continuously cluttered my head.Continue reading “Calm the F Down”