Her skin but a carpet for others to stompHer heart but a slinky, a toy or a topHer soul is not seenHer cries go unheardHer feelings are said, but they don’t speak a word.Her skin it now boilsHer heart simply poundsHer soul it is shatteredHer cries are pronounced.Her feelings are hurt as she crumbles insideHerContinue reading “FINDING HERSELF”

Winding Road

Eclipsed by the full-grown trees, highlighted by the sunset shades in the sky, stood the start of her past. Layered bricks that formed her character; the creator of the creature that carries the baggage. The swing still shrieks in the shadows, as the weeping willow dances in the neighbouring meadow. Her footsteps creep to theContinue reading “Winding Road”