Wired Brains

Every one of us has been programmed, from an early age, to deal with our emotions, feelings, and difficulties, the way our parents showed us to. Whether that means sucking it up buttercup, or kissing it all better, depends on aspects such as transgenerational transmission and teaching better when you know better. Our parents, throughContinue reading “Wired Brains”

Cheeks of Stone

Forcefully standing, yet brutally misunderstood, he trots through life with armour for sleeves; a stoic slave to his parts, ripped apart from his heart. His tranquil vulnerability is superficially cloaked with a fallacious quantity of perfection and is sumptuously styled to portray an indestructible coat of arms. His emotionless appearance crumbles from the eternal drynessContinue reading “Cheeks of Stone”

Put your blue tee on!

As I stood there, second guessing the outfit I had firsthandedly selected from the mannequin on display, I felt the warm touch of an old soul cling to my bare forearm. I could literally count the well-defined wrinkles on her right hand; like the rings of a rotting fallen oak tree. She further approached me,Continue reading “Put your blue tee on!”


The tangled stubborn knot in the profound pit of her concave stomach. The murkiness blurring her capacity to remarkably navigate across the treacherous waves of life. The weighted cinderblock wrapped tightly to her delicate ankles. The strangulating pressure testing her battered heart. The “im” to her possible and the “un” to her kind. The mudContinue reading “He…”

Best Revenge

When your apparent inevitable failure becomes another’s main priority and they reach the extent of purposely stepping out of their twisted way to torment and tear you to pieces, the sweetest method to achieve any sort of reasonable revenge is by brilliantly succeeding nonetheless. Unfortunately, some folks are willing to stop at nothing and cannotContinue reading “Best Revenge”

It Has Your Back

You must stop further damaging yourself! Your destiny is not yours to control! You can’t stop the world from turning! You can make smarter choices and more informed decisions, but, in the end, the bigger picture has been predestined for you all along. No amount of kicking or screaming can change its course! The mysteriousContinue reading “It Has Your Back”

Painted Words

The title of “author” is not a firm prerequisite to creating a written masterpiece. Some paintings are simply acrylics dripped on a previously blank canvas. The painter conducts his notes with a brush; freely releasing his emotions. His words pour from a pail of ink covering a sheet of paper with bright vibrant colours; muchContinue reading “Painted Words”

Take My Shoe

A fresh heavy towel, drooped over my weightless shoulders, a cotton-like shawl, as my two ever-so-slim legs merrily skipped the sidewalk cracks that were roasting beneath the sun. The diluted chlorine, detectable from a far distance away, was our glowing road sign to heaven; to a location we could splash and rejoice about the simplicitiesContinue reading “Take My Shoe”

Calm the F Down

Everybody visibly appears so immensely occupied; constantly places to go, but no people to see. Like hummingbirds, chasing sweet nectar before the cold starts settling in, they frantically fly past one another; unable to pause for more than a split second. I watched their display, in silence today, as depressive thoughts continuously cluttered my head.Continue reading “Calm the F Down”

Vroom Vroom!

We are only conditioned beings if we refuse to recondition ourselves. We are not victims of our yesterday! We were not born strapped in a stray jacket! We have so-called set values and a pre-determined belief system; true. However, we are also individuals entitled to withdraw from our path and trace our own course. NobodyContinue reading “Vroom Vroom!”