Willingly Stuck

Flagrant lack of maturation.Complete unwillingness to evolve.Unable to research or gather therapeutic information to increase in growth.Blatantly under-developed and overwhelmingly unequipped.The belief that sides must be picked and that battles be won.Refusal to branch from the trunk of one’s roots.Elongated development severed at the base.Discovering and dismantling patterns previously created.Tweaking at the treasure of personalContinue reading “Willingly Stuck”

Radical Acceptance

To reconstruct a firm foundation, you must primarily deconstruct the original version of your unsteady self. Right??? Wrong!!! Following years of unsuccessfully trying to change, forgive or forget my past, and attempting to reposition my bricks, I realize now that I was simply adding cement or creating holes to the misaligned and wobbly structure. Recently,Continue reading “Radical Acceptance”

Empty Pockets

the drips from the plastered shield above echoed loud into buckets like rainthe growls of the children roared to be silenced with crumbs from the grainsthe shallowness of the starving piggy was burning a holethe collection of bills and lack thereof bucks smelled like pennies that stank from the coins they had rolledtheir knees theyContinue reading “Empty Pockets”


Her skin but a carpet for others to stompHer heart but a slinky, a toy or a topHer soul is not seenHer cries go unheardHer feelings are said, but they don’t speak a word.Her skin it now boilsHer heart simply poundsHer soul it is shatteredHer cries are pronounced.Her feelings are hurt as she crumbles insideHerContinue reading “FINDING HERSELF”

Remember That Ride

Driving by in the road with emotions afloatDown the path up ahead Don’t know which way to go. Tucked well past the sign behind unpatched potholesThree horses of shadesThat aligned the meadow. Near enough to be loved, but too far to be touchedNestled one on the otherNeighbored close like a crutch. Their beauty a sceneContinue reading “Remember That Ride”