Cognitive Distortions

Through researching mental health and disorders, I have come across a rather eye-opening subject: cognitive distortions. The most simple way I have found to define this condition is by comparing it to those who suffer from dyslexia. As words on paper appear to some in the wrong order, deformed or read incorrectly, cognitive distortions affectContinue reading “Cognitive Distortions”

Oxygen Mask

There are two types of people in the world: Those who would jump down from a plane to save others and those who would push others to save themselves. Sadly, many folks who would conceitedly disregard every other passenger have relationship issues with everybody else on the plane. They therefore automatically attach themselves and latchContinue reading “Oxygen Mask”

Awakened Birth

Ever get the feeling that you are searching for others like yourself? The sensation of viewing things differently and feeling like nobody gets the bigger picture gets quite overwhelming at times. I consantly hear folks speaking of their enlightening moment where they were “awakened” and of feeling like their purpose called out to them. Now,Continue reading “Awakened Birth”

+ vs –

The world pleads for a tad more positive inspiration and a decreased amount of negativity, criticism, arrogance, and misleading perceptions of how life outside of our personal bubble might resemble if our curiosity ventures off into the unknown and highly misunderstood surroundings. The media depicts tales, portraying horrifying images of faraway land and cultures, asContinue reading “+ vs –”

Ridding anxiety using the traffic light technique

The smudge of a thought turns to the creation of envisioned outcomes. The fear of what might uncontrollably unfold then causes uncomfortable physical signs to form. Sweat accumulates in the pits and the palms. Tips tremble and cannot be kept steady. What started as anticipation in the mind, transcended to the body; preparing for theContinue reading “Ridding anxiety using the traffic light technique”