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Snakes And Ladders

Your perfection intense in all aspects of life. You see stuff through goggles in pure black or white. The spectrum of possibilities, between incrementing shades, does not exist on your scale. At the top you succeed, at the bottom you fail. Done right or done wrong, the best or the worst. To avoid being last,Continue reading “Snakes And Ladders”

Got It Rough

Giving life to a human Ten fingers and toes To dig through the rubble And dirt they are thrown. As they dream Tucked in tight They awake fully grown To be sleepless adults Paying bills on their own. They crawl at the start And then drag their two feet Through the mountains and valleys ofContinue reading “Got It Rough”

There is undeniably no greater demonstration of unconditionally loving another than speaking words unreceived and unreciprocated. Preaching that actions scream louder than words for your blindness does not see, hear, or comprehend the echoes escaping the self-mounted walls of my profound chest. The deafness in your immaturity hears not the sound of my voice reachingContinue reading

I wish I had that type of love where words could soothe, where softness could appease my hardness, where running fingertips through my hair could heal my mind. He keeps me safe, but safe is not soft. He is loyal, but loyal is not loving. He is strong, but strength cannot contend with tenderness. SpittingContinue reading

Libido does not decrease during depression. It in fact remains very present. It is rather the occupied space in the mind that leaves no room for intimacy to even exist. Shushing my thoughts for a slight slice of seventh heaven. Absolutely impossible to imagine. I have been like a widow wearing black for a yearContinue reading

Willingly Stuck

Flagrant lack of maturation.Complete unwillingness to evolve.Unable to research or gather therapeutic information to increase in growth.Blatantly under-developed and overwhelmingly unequipped.The belief that sides must be picked and that battles be won.Refusal to branch from the trunk of one’s roots.Elongated development severed at the base.Discovering and dismantling patterns previously created.Tweaking at the treasure of personalContinue reading “Willingly Stuck”


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