Take My Shoe

A fresh heavy towel, drooped over my weightless shoulders, a cotton-like shawl, as my two ever-so-slim legs merrily skipped the sidewalk cracks that were roasting beneath the sun. The diluted chlorine, detectable from a far distance away, was our glowing road sign to heaven; to a location we could splash and rejoice about the simplicitiesContinue reading “Take My Shoe”

Calm the F Down

Everybody visibly appears so immensely occupied; constantly places to go, but no people to see. Like hummingbirds, chasing sweet nectar before the cold starts settling in, they frantically fly past one another; unable to pause for more than a split second. I watched their display, in silence today, as depressive thoughts continuously cluttered my head.Continue reading “Calm the F Down”

Vroom Vroom!

We are only conditioned beings if we refuse to recondition ourselves. We are not victims of our yesterday! We were not born strapped in a stray jacket! We have so-called set values and a pre-determined belief system; true. However, we are also individuals entitled to withdraw from our path and trace our own course. NobodyContinue reading “Vroom Vroom!”