The Tea In Tears

The spit of life has split us up;We sipped the shit right out that cup. Bottoms up and both let down;Dirt disguised as coffee grounds;Perhaps the tea cannot be stirred;The drink instead creates a word. A letter dropped to form a noun;In liquid form to screw around;The “tea” it eats the “f” in fear;The hollowContinue reading “The Tea In Tears”

Ecchymosed Cheeks

The toxicity in his rigid voice and the poison in his frigid palms haunted her being as an unsupportable appetency smack in the night. Notwithstanding the repetitive discomfort, she continuously crawled back for more, like a comforting hug restricting her airways and falsely affirming that her existence cannot exist without his. Her amount-less luggage wasContinue reading “Ecchymosed Cheeks”

Window Pain

Blindly peeking through panesof houses aligned;in search of your losses and founds you might find.They have what is theirs and what’s yours is your own;not so great and not grand,still a place to call home. The meaning you seekis the value within;untucked behind curtains and walls paper thin.The gold in their groutand the rich inContinue reading “Window Pain”

Cognitive Distortions

Through researching mental health and disorders, I have come across a rather eye-opening subject: cognitive distortions. The most simple way I have found to define this condition is by comparing it to those who suffer from dyslexia. As words on paper appear to some in the wrong order, deformed or read incorrectly, cognitive distortions affectContinue reading “Cognitive Distortions”

The Brink

Barely beating for long; Lengthy year in the blue. Colours crept through the cracks, Shingles clinged to the roof. Nearly gone, but she’s here; The brink close to the edge. She inhales from her lungs; Climbing mountains instead. Every minute ticked by; Now she ticks what she does. Tumbling high over hurdles, Letting go ofContinue reading “The Brink”

Oxygen Mask

There are two types of people in the world: Those who would jump down from a plane to save others and those who would push others to save themselves. Sadly, many folks who would conceitedly disregard every other passenger have relationship issues with everybody else on the plane. They therefore automatically attach themselves and latchContinue reading “Oxygen Mask”

The Line In The Sand

Another clue stashed into the folds of his costly leather wallet. One more hinted fractured promise. How could she be so stupid? Too captivated and na├»ve to see the fraudulent grin beneath his rehearsed smile. He plays her well. Again and again. He has captured her diffident queen and has left her scrawny pawn butContinue reading “The Line In The Sand”