There is undeniably no greater demonstration of unconditionally loving another than speaking words unreceived and unreciprocated.

Preaching that actions scream louder than words for your blindness does not see, hear, or comprehend the echoes escaping the self-mounted walls of my profound chest.

The deafness in your immaturity hears not the sound of my voice reaching out to the selfish hand tucked stubbornly inside your denim-covered – armed with a middle finger – pocket.

Simply said is quite better than unsaid and unshown when shown goes unseen and unwelcome.

If to you words without meaning, than why so eagerly keep them to yourself if not solely to see me squirm in grand discomfort.

Your discreet actions contradictingly prove that the harsh removal of these meaningless words cuts deeper than that which you wish to lead on.

Astonished by your clear lack of comprehension behind the words that I blurt in your direction, I will continue making it awkward.

Not to show you that I am lost without your generous love, but to say that I love the person you are before losing the person you were. That which purely remains the truest sense of loving another.

Perhaps you will, over time, have a more distinguishable understanding of this apparently mature and currently unattainable concept.

Published by notapeepbutlotsofpaper

A silent voice with lots to say. I speak with pens to stay away.

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