One Day

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One day I will pack not a thing that I own. I will travel, venture, discover and roam. One day all my worries will be far behind. I will inhale to breathe in the beauty of life. One day I will worry for only myself. I will not be surrounded by all needing help. One day every choice will be something I chose. They will not be forced on me by those I love most. One day I will see what the world has to give. I will capture its essence among those who live. One day I will wake and will walk different towns. I will not fall asleep with this sadness and frown. One day my two feet they will show me the world. I will not be held back by the weight of my curls. One day all the air will be different and new. I will not feel polluted by carbon you do. One day all the roads will lead only to good. I will not be with folks doing nothing they should. One day I will search for more positive light. I will grow old with humans who figured out life. One day I will pack and I might not return. I will finally be living the dream I have earned.

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A silent voice with lots to say. I speak with pens to stay away.

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