Simple Self-Care

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Performing self-care does not need to mean that you allow your body to soak up the warmth of a hot bubble bath or must purchase that item you’ve craved for so long.

In moments of despair, self-care can be scary or impracticable because — in all honesty — many of us just stop caring or lose sense of how recharging our battery is important in chaotic times. You will not run that bubble bath if you find brushing your teeth has taken a back seat. You will not spend on yourself if you can’t find enough strength to get dressed and leave the house for a bit.

Falling asleep, while tickling your arm, is self-care. Rubbing your feet, on the clean plush blankets you washed and are tucked under, is self-care. Turning on your favourite lamp at night, to create yourself an ambiance, is self-care. Taking the time to feel the cup of coffee between your hands, before gulping it down, is self-care. Printing pictures of moments that brought you joy, and displaying them on your mantle, is self-care. Buying yourself a bouquet of flowers, to put on your nightstand, is self-care. Lighting a scented candle, that reminds you of your favourite things, is also self-care.

You don’t need the grand budget, the energy, or motivation, to take tiny moments for yourself. Self-care can be performed through the simplest of pleasures; even if they only ground you for just a short instance. That split second in heaven is a split second less in hell.

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