Oxygen Mask

There are two types of people in the world:
Those who would jump down from a plane to save others and those who would push others to save themselves.

Sadly, many folks who would conceitedly disregard every other passenger have relationship issues with everybody else on the plane. They therefore automatically attach themselves and latch onto the ones who would put others first. The abusers, cheaters, liars, crooks and the thieves need a selfless kind person they can hurt to feel free.

As long as you are the type to put the oxygen mask on others before yourself these twisted people will keep cutting off your air supply. They venture through life with the "every man for himself" mentality and need people around them who will provide them with oxygen when breathing gets hard.

The only way to detach from them is to save yourself first; even if you are the type to put yourself last. Ask yourself these two questions in every relationship: Would they put the mask on me or themselves? Would I put the mask on them or on me? If the answers do not match up, stop jumping from the plane for them or put the darn mask on your own face and let them fend for themselves.

It's a difficult thing to have to do, but doing so defines your limits and demonstrates to them that you respect and love yourself enough to make you a priority. They might threaten to jump or worry you until you choose to save them first because they know these tactics are useless among those who would keep the oxygen mask for themselves without batting an eye.

If you would not want to be on the same crashing plane as them, then why allow them to have so much control over your life? Only ride in planes with the people you trust enough to perhaps save you when there is turbulence in your life. If they would push you from the plane or would not even consider saving you first, stay away. Most people would think of themselves first, become those people.

Published by notapeepbutlotsofpaper

A silent voice with lots to say. I speak with pens to stay away.

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