Fill to Fix

They get and receive, but want more
When refused they can kick and slam doors
Being showered with gifts; temporarily fixed
Still, no wrapping or bow fills that void.

The suffering felt from inside
Is too hurtful to quiet and hide
They externalize pain; to silence their brain
Just to pause what they feel in their core.

Their behaviour leaves them lost and alone
There's a roof, but they never feel home
Always feeling aside, they repeat in their mind
That they're better off ashes and bone.

To them you're the best or the worst
You come last if you don't put them first
At the drop of a dime, they cross over the line
If you angered or made them feel hurt.

Things are black or they're white; never grey
They will say that it's you every day
Cave, bend, bow -- to buy peace just for now
They can smile, but their emptiness stays.

The rejection they feel is intense
Your reaction to them makes no sense
To them you are wrong; since they do not belong
You are there, but to them you are gone.

Reassure them and make them feel loved
But their heart it feels cursed from above
The tiptoes you walk and the words when you talk
Tells their mind to continue; not stop.

The stone in their heart is a hole
They will always feel empty; not whole
Throwing blame all around, feeling lost and unfound
Pushing all those away who mean well.

Published by notapeepbutlotsofpaper

A silent voice with lots to say. I speak with pens to stay away.

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