Awakened Birth

Ever get the feeling that you are searching for others like yourself?

The sensation of viewing things differently and feeling like nobody gets the bigger picture gets quite overwhelming at times.

I consantly hear folks speaking of their enlightening moment where they were “awakened” and of feeling like their purpose called out to them.

Now, perhaps this is quite simply my ego half of me pitching its pitch, but I have always practiced kindness, love, and every other “purpose” these gurus have recently discovered. It is not new news; it dates back to strapped sandals and robes: treat others how you wish to be treated, love thy neighbour, and so on.

The amount of love and kindness I offer has always been on my list of priorities. These things are not purposes, they are qualities that can be found in “good” people.

I have always placed others first. I would hand my last chunk of bread to an utter stranger. It is who I am. I never hurt feelings or poke fun at people. Part of me wonders how these newly enlightened folks acted previous to finding their reason.

Is it possible to have entered as an awakened soul?

While others search to be good, to do better, I feel more and more like an extraterrestrial being. There is zero room to speak of the enlightenment which followed me out at birth because it would be seen as an ego trip.

My heart is big; not my head.

Published by notapeepbutlotsofpaper

A silent voice with lots to say. I speak with pens to stay away.

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