+ vs –

The world pleads for a tad more positive inspiration and a decreased amount of negativity, criticism, arrogance, and misleading perceptions of how life outside of our personal bubble might resemble if our curiosity ventures off into the unknown and highly misunderstood surroundings.

The media depicts tales, portraying horrifying images of faraway land and cultures, as though we will inevitably be faced with enemies or natural disasters the instant we depart our doorstep. Stories are massively sensationalized because we are unfortunately and instinctively drawn to drama and drastic events of grandiose nature.

What ever happened to “the simple life” — where two people claim great pleasure in sipping tea and sharing a few good laughs?

How precisely are we meant to accept and love our “neighbour” or fellow human when the news repetitively brainwashes us into believing that “bad people” roam all around us?

Where can we — as “regular” tea-sipping people — view or hear about all good things our planet secretly has to offer?

Where can we cram our brains with positive information about life around us?

Why are heroes and saviours hidden in the shadows when they clearly deserve greater airtime than any farfetched erroneous story?

The falsified portrait of the remaining parts of the globe demonstrate to our offspring that negativity sadly outrules positivity, that doing bad seems more accrediting than doing good, that achievements practically go completely unseen and unnoticed.

Things need to change!

Apparently, the universe delivers what our subconscious firmly believes and immensely multiplies its offerings to satisfy our magnetically charged request. With the entire earth drifting off to sleep, with the very last thought or image to have travelled into their brain being of catastrophic proportions, imagine the magnitude of what the universe will return.

More negativity, criticism, arrogance, and misleading perceptions!

Published by notapeepbutlotsofpaper

A silent voice with lots to say. I speak with pens to stay away.

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