Blooming Pearls

Her beauty captivates the room like the blooms in an ethereal garden.
The intricate sway in her stance invites petals and stems to a dance.
The pastel shades embrace her cheeks, the pearls and the lace glorify her body and face, as she lightly caresses the floor underneath her delicate feet.
Angelic she seems, as her presence it beams, and her curls bounce around with the peaceful sound.
Her ladylike posture elegantly braces the air, as her fierceness creates wind in her hair.
Able to command and control, from her confident soul, she unknowingly attracts earned respect.
Light magnetically surrounds her aura and outlines her beautiful spirit.
Her elevated amount of pride and dignity frightens the ashamed and undignified.
She carries herself like what she carries within, as she prances the surface and spins.
Creationist of her kingdom, her throne but a chair, yet the pose in which she is seated shows to all she is there.

Published by notapeepbutlotsofpaper

A silent voice with lots to say. I speak with pens to stay away.

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