System Shortage

Have you ever had to visit the emergency room late in the night or smack in the middle of the evening?Chances are you were informed, by a well-intentioned nurse, that only one doctor was present to treat all patients; making your butt hurt from waiting a ridiculous amount of hours for a medical condition that could have been seen in a snap.

Every governmentally-run service deals with staff shortage. You can therefore receive great service, but only on weekdays; where the regular/more experienced staff members are on deck.

Prisons, rehabilitation centres, medical facilities, family resources, crisis centres, law enforcement services are all more prone to mistakes and lack of proper care past a certain time or during weekends and holidays, due to poorly trained young/new staff and unionized regular/more experienced workers avoiding the crappy shifts.

At the end of the day, the government and its employees do not pay the price for this staff shortage; it is those in need of the system who are forced to climb the ladder when every new week begins, because of mistakes that could have been prevented with proper training and reliable personnel outside of habitual operating hours.

The lockdowns and curfews are not to save lives (though the government greatly makes them seem to be); they have been put in place by the system to not overflow medical facilities and allow the few night shift law enforcement workers to perform their duty without needing to place their energy on “illegal” gatherings.

The problem is not the pandemic, it simply shed light on the fact that most people intelligent enough to join these ranks are unable to study in these fields because of their financial situation.

Making these careers more accessible to the average/lower income earning population would guarantee that staff shortage would no longer be an issue. It is a dream that seems only attainable for wealthy class citizens.

We see the problem, would be willing to aid in fixing the problem, but the government is more interested in making money than finding solutions and improving its services to the classes below the highest.

More officers on the field at night would imply no longer locking us up past a certain time. More medical staff would mean we could gather with our families while being able to rely on our medical care if we get struck with the virus.

Instead, the government explains the staff shortage, by stating that many have departed on sick leave due to the current situation. However, if a plethora of the remaining population would at least have access to these employments, the absent staff could temporarily be replaced and the system, as we know it, would not further crumble.

It took shortages for the wealthy class to realize they cannot run this planet alone. The diploma on the wall will be glorious to look at from the essential worker’s comfortable sofa when they acknowledge that our numbers will always surpass their numbers.

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