Ridding anxiety using the traffic light technique

The smudge of a thought turns to the creation of envisioned outcomes. The fear of what might uncontrollably unfold then causes uncomfortable physical signs to form. Sweat accumulates in the pits and the palms. Tips tremble and cannot be kept steady. What started as anticipation in the mind, transcended to the body; preparing for the worst.

From decades of repetitive training, the nervous system learns to function through a circuitry process. Each previous shocking event, whether it went well or horribly bad, left us still standing. Our mind and body therefore automatically adopt the exact defence mechanism, through every difficult moment life tosses in our direction, because it worked time after time before.

It does what it knows!

It performs the way we taught it to!

The only way to derail the predestined circuit is by allowing our mind to not control our thoughts before the unknown outcome becomes known.

Whatever will be, will be!

All the shaking fingers and sweaty hands in the world cannot change the course of the universe’s mystical way of working!

Instead of wasting energy, on trying to forcefully bend the track, focus on breathing to beautifully navigate down the unfamiliar road ahead.

Our mind frantically places airbags all around our vehicle – ready to deploy – when, in reality, the path might only be for pedestrians.

Imagine a traffic light next time anxiety creeps. Close your eyes and see nothing else. Train your mind to see only the glowing red light. The outcome will slowly unfold the way it was intended, and the light will eventually turn to green in your mind. Sit with the red light; focusing solely on its bright glow.

This repeated technique will stop all other anxiety-causing thoughts from forming, and will therefore spare you from the psychological and physical damage repeated anxiety is responsible for.

It amounts to the same result as meditation. But, for some of us, switching from a state of anxiety to a feeling of peace is really quite difficult; perhaps nearly impossible.

You do not need to envision a peaceful buddha, smell invisible lavender, or have zero thoughts, you simply need to not overthink or overreact while the light is still red. Only the universe possesses the mighty power to change the colour of the traffic light. You must trust it.

Things will fall into place alone!

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