Stop the Cycle

Self-esteem: Others will try to drag you down through their use of hurtful words or display of careless actions. They will poke at your weaknesses and belittle you to try and break you down.

Self-doubt: You will begin to believe what others have wrongfully said about you. You will second-guess who you thought you were. You will wonder if you somehow deserved for them to break you.

Self-destruction: You will convince yourself that the blame is yours to carry. You will begin poking at your weaknesses instead of relying on your strengths. You will try to fix what is not fixable and was never whole to begin with. You will abandon your own needs and desires, simply to make things right again. You will feel lost, hopeless, and responsible for everything. You will feel completely broken.

Self-reflexion: You will begin questioning everything about yourself, in an attempt to rebuild your confidence. Like an eagle, overlooking the situation down below, you will begin seeing things from a different perspective in order to see the lesson for what it is. You will ask yourself how you can put your pieces back together.

Self-awareness: Through accepting to learn, move on, and grow from situations, you will have a greater sense of why you crumble, what makes you tick, and what weakens or strengthens you. You will reach a point of thoughts, emotions, and feelings just passing you by, and you will have the ability to simply say “hello” to what you accept, and “goodbye” to what you refuse. You will start knowing and showing what you stand for. Although some moments will still be difficult to handle, you will not allow them to consume you as they once did. You will feel enlightened. You will begin feeling fixed.

Self-care: You will commence a process where you realize that you count and matter. You will remove toxicity to attract light into your life. You will do things that are important to you. You will learn to set your limits and will ensure that these are respected. You will begin enjoying life again. You will feel good about yourself through brief, but much-needed moments you choose to invest in yourself. You will work on fixing you.

Self-love: You will accept who you are, wholeheartedly. You will surround yourself with love and sprinkle yourself with kindness. You will give others the impression that you have life figured out, as they witness your light blinding the vision they perhaps once had of you. Through loving yourself, your strengths will intensify and your weaknesses will dissolve. Those who enjoy poking others will realize that you cannot be poked. They will acknowledge that their technique only works on the vulnerable folks who have not yet reached this part in the healing process. You will surround yourself with good people and appropriate feelings. You will finally have stopped living your life in the same redundant cycle that has continuously destroyed you. The more love you exude, the more love will freely enter your life. Don’t be fooled! You might still have difficult moments or harsh critics to overcome, but the more you practice the green, the further away you will be from the red. You are you! Being you is wicked awesome, and you deserve nothing in return; aside from genuine love and pure happiness! Others will stop breaking you, because you will feel unbreakable. The vicious cycle will be broken, not you!

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A silent voice with lots to say. I speak with pens to stay away.

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