Best Revenge

When your apparent inevitable failure becomes another’s main priority and they reach the extent of purposely stepping out of their twisted way to torment and tear you to pieces, the sweetest method to achieve any sort of reasonable revenge is by brilliantly succeeding nonetheless.

Unfortunately, some folks are willing to stop at nothing and cannot easily be snipped from your branches or cut from your life. They leave you hung out to dry, like a shriveling cactus in the boiling sun, and then unjustifiably blame you for the evident lack of rain. For these sadly tormented and twisted people, nothing you possibly do will ever seem good enough. If done wrong, they blame you; if done right, they blame you still.

They perhaps even seem to have perfected the malicious art of pointing their crooked and dirty finger in your direction for their initial miscalculated wrongdoings.

If they wish to see you cry, laugh. If they wish to see you crumble, stay in one piece. If they wish to see you fail, succeed. If they wish to see you lose, win.

Never guarantee them, on a served silver-plated platter, any type of preplanned ill-intentioned craved inner satisfaction! Never dim your bright light amidst their stormy dark weather! You can kindly lend them sunscreen, but you have no reason to rest in the shade because their skin is boiling.

They might go to extreme lengths to finally see you pout, so the best and sweetest revenge is showing them your glorious smile; regardless whether or not it is sincere. Fake it if you have to!

Published by notapeepbutlotsofpaper

A silent voice with lots to say. I speak with pens to stay away.

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