It Has Your Back

You must stop further damaging yourself! Your destiny is not yours to control! You can’t stop the world from turning!

You can make smarter choices and more informed decisions, but, in the end, the bigger picture has been predestined for you all along. No amount of kicking or screaming can change its course!

The mysterious universe aligns all of your cards; regardless the royal flush hidden in your hands. It places the people and arranges all things according to its well-thought-out plan.

The difficult moments all need to unfold in order to carry you through to the next unveiling shift in your lifelong trajectory. Though it seems like an evil plan while your two feet are sinking, it is actually the magic of the universe working to prepare you for every next step your calling will need to overcome.

Every hurdle was set in your path; they didn’t simply appear from the blue. You could not, and cannot, change the overall outcome the universe already has in store for you.

Your future was decided long ago, and you have but two choices: kneel down with palms up and accept what’s to come, or resist and refuse and what’s to come will be forced upon you. One of the two options seems more peaceful than the other.

Have trust in the universe and know that it has your back at all times. It does not work its purpose with ill intentions.

Every moment is a lesson; creating room for more growth. All that happens, is for you to be guided, so you can reach your final preplanned destination.

So, just sit and relax as it shifts and it shapes all the things meant already to be shipped out your way.

Published by notapeepbutlotsofpaper

A silent voice with lots to say. I speak with pens to stay away.

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