Our Past Year

We watched other countries as they covered their face, and thought that the virus would not reach this place.

It spread through the world like a viral Tik Tok, and crowded the beds in the hospital blocks.

It crawled through the homes of the elderly near, and as cases they climbed we were worried with fear.

We stocked up on TP and made a quick dash, through the frozen food section to spend all our cash.

We ran out of masks, had no more purell, the bread and the rice they were gone from the shelves.

We scrubbed all our cans, disinfected our hands, from then on apart we all had to stand.

The places not needed were forced to be closed, some went out of business, too broke I suppose.

The government said not allowed out past eight. Our loved ones who missed us they just had to wait.

The streets were all empty, not a soul left in sight, as people took cover at home through the night.

The gatherings stopped, the sports had to end, could not have a beer outside with a friend.

The sirens and lights from the cars and the trucks encouraged the staff for their work that did suck.

The testing began with a swab up your nose the minute a symptom appeared that is known.

Then on the shelf was the first vaccine, and others came out for results to be seen.

Some places reopened and life it came back, but the virus grows stronger as days seem to pass.

Published by notapeepbutlotsofpaper

A silent voice with lots to say. I speak with pens to stay away.

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